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The Bitch's Bitch

This journal is now mostly Friend's Only...I do make the occasional public post, but if you really want to read my private entries, you have to be on my friend's list.

Who am I? I'm a 34 year old mother of two gorgeous girls, married to a wonderful man. I love the rest of my family, even though I sometimes wish to throttle them. I babble about my kids ALOT, and when I'm not babbling about them, I'm babbling about my family. My interests are many and varied, and the majority of them barely relate to each other. I am addicted to reading, it is my drug of choice, and I tend to get snappy if I don't have anything new to read, but then I read all my new stuff too fast (I'm snappy alot!) I go through periods when I'll update once, sometimes twice, a day, then other periods of not updating in weeks. I'm sarcastic as hell. This is me.

80's music, adam lambert, aislinn, anne bishop, astonishing x-men, aurora, babies, baking, bi rights, black eyed peas, blink-182, blue october, books, braveheart, bruno marz, caffeine, cake, canada, cartoons, cascada, cats, childbirth, children, classical music, cooking, crime shows, criminology, crossstitch, crystals, csi, d&d, d&d heroes, daas, dancing, daughtry, disney movies, dogs, dragons, dreams, dungeons & dragons, elves, eminem, empire records, evanescence, fanfiction, fantasy, ferrets, fire fly, forensic psychology, forensics, friends, gareth gates, get over it, ghosts, greece, gundam wing, harry potter, herbs, hobowars, home decoration, home renovation, hoobastank, horror, horseriding, hot chelle rae, huskies, john, joss whedon, laurell k hamilton, law & order: svu, lita, lord of the rings, magic, marriage, meatloaf, metallica, motherhood, movies, mumford and sons, mythology, neopets, netball, nickelback, offspring, orlando bloom, outdoors, parenting, perth, popular music, powderfinger, pregnancy, princess bride, profiling, ps2, psychology, queen, queer as folk, rabbits, rascall flatts, rats, reading, recipes, red dwarf, reiki, robert jordan, science fiction, scotland, scottish history, serenity, simple plan, sims 2, slash, snakes, soft rock, spirits, staind, supernatural, swimming, sword of truth, terry goodkind, the guild, the rasmus, tom felton, trish stratus, true crime, unicorns, warcraft, weddings, wheel of time, wicca, wolves, world of warcraft, wow, wwe, x-box, x-men


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